What to talk about at the time H: tips to spice up the moment

Being surprised at the time of sex requires a lot of daring from the couple, not only to seek sexual positions, to bring objects and erotic toys to bed, but also to speak at the time H.

If you want to leave your partner crazy, a tip is to speak at the foot of the ear what can leave the man or woman full of horny and spice up the relationship.

If you are in a relationship and do not know what to say in the H-hour in order to get out of the rut, know that some magic words can provide new experiences at that special moment.

When choosing what to say in the H-hour, look for spicy phrases, that fiddle with the imaginary and that crazy your partner, that causes him to reach orgasm faster.

In the hour of sex is worth bold phrases, that stimulate even more the moment. You should note if this will please your partner, intending to get out of the rut and spice up sex.

Just be careful not to mention something very funny that ends up cutting the horny mood of the moment.

Let and shyness aside to enjoy every moment and abuse of sentences when you choose to speak at the time H.

Tips for you to know what to say at the time H and spice up the moment

Supreme Booster Pills With that in mind, here are some tips on what to talk about in the H-hour that will make your partner go crazy and turn that special moment into a more intimate, spicy relationship.


The repertoire of horny phrases can be vast and use it in the hour H has no contraindications, and can be used without moderation as long as it is something that pleases the partner and a desire of both.

- Look for words that have power

Some words are aphrodisiacs and can leave your partner excited.

In this case, look for powerful phrases like:

  • - "I'm naughty and just for you";
    - "I love to have sex with you";
    "You drive me crazy like that."

- Be objective

The moment of sex is of multiple sensations and a mixture of desire, smell, touch, whispers and, yes, words.

So be objective in what you say and try to be more direct in words and phrases. No complexity for sex or phrases that require power of interpretation.

- Provoque your partner

Provoke your partner with phrases that make him lose control, such as: supreme boostr website "You make me wet all this way", "Keep going, you drive me crazy like this", "Ask what you want for me" and " Do what you want with me".

- Increase sentences in hour H

The weather is on fire and sex is intense and this is the time to abuse words so that orgasm is good for both of you.

- Praise your partner

One tip is to praise the partner's performance and raise their self-esteem in bed by investing in phrases that shows that he is good in bed and that you are feeling completely fulfilled.

- Congratulate the partner's body

It is always good to receive compliments about our body, even more from the person we love and the moment you choose what to say in the H-hour.

So put all the attributes on top and count it as she / he is beautiful.

- Leave the other in charge

It's not just the man who likes to be in charge of sex. Many women also like to leave men at their feet.

Being submissive can also make sex horny, even before you know what to say in the H-hour.

- Dose the bad words

There are women who swear by words or bolder terms. Before leaving for words that may offend your partner, try hinting at lighter words.

In addition, dialogue will always be the best way to bring new things to the moment, so a good conversation will help you figure out what's right at this time, speak something bolder, or have balance.

- Speak at the foot of the ear

When you realize that your partner is almost there, make her feel wanted and make you want more, by speaking words at the ear that will help increase desire at the time of orgasm.

Phrases to use in the hour H

And what kind of phrases speak at the time H can I use to make the moment more pleasurable? Here are some of them:

- "Today I am all yours, do whatever you want with me"

Man loves those types of sentences that show a certain submission on the part of the woman. So you can invest without fear that he will love and for sure, supreme booster male enhancer is one more reason for him to get very excited.

- "This position makes me even more excited"

Demonstrating that you are enjoying the moment and that the partner is sending too much is a good trick because the man loves to feel overrated and realize that he is giving the message.

"You look even hotter when you moan"

Sometimes the female needs stimuli to get loose in bed.

So how about showing that you like it when it's full of horny and moaning? She will probably feel much more at ease and the excitement will increase.

"I can not get enough of you!"

It is always good to remind the partner how amazing it is to have sex with him, beyond love, having chemistry during relationships is something that arouses the excitement in any couple.

- "I love it when you get me right"

Every woman has her favorite positions, fantasies and moments during sex.

Sometimes the man needs a touch to know that he is hitting when he does something, so he will always bet on something that you like very much and that leaves you with fire.

- "You drive me crazy"

Showing a little lack of control is good and everyone likes it, so the phrase is perfect for when you are in that endless bliss.

It is a good request during the preliminaries too, so that you can warm up already.

See how you can figure out what to say at the time H? They are simple tips that will bring the couple together and turn the moment into something unique.

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