What not to eat when you want to lose a few pounds?

When we go on a diet and want to lose some extra pounds we need to avoid some types of food. Everyone knows that if we want to wipe the silhouette food like hamburger, soda and fry should be left out. But when do you start eating healthy foods and the balance pointer does not change? This can happen because these foods may not be as healthy as you imagined. Know now 7 types of foods that look healthy and are not, and that should be avoided when you want to eliminate a few pounds:

Any and all kinds of diet and light food

Many people still confuse for what they serve and for which people these types of foods are indicated, so here is the difference between them: Ketolyn Diet diets are indicated for people who have some food restriction, as in the case of diabetics and hypertensives, since the lights have a reduced amount of energy and are indicated for those who wish to lose weight. Remembering that lights also have calories and, when ingested in excess, contribute as much as the conventional version for weight gain.

Fruit salad

Fruit salad is a great option for those who want to lose weight, but one must be aware of the type of fruit and also its coverage. In the list of the most caloric are avocado, açaí, banana, persimmon, cherry, coconut, guava, passion fruit and grapes. Whenever possible, give preference to lighter fruits such as acerola, carambola, papaya, strawberry, melon and watermelon. And at the time of coverage, how about replacing honey with natural yogurt? Increasing with chia seeds is also a great option as it helps to fight hunger and the greater feeling of satiety.

Cereal bar

There are many types of bars available in the market, ranging from the healthiest and low calorie, to those more enhanced and that look like a bar of chocolate. If chosen consciously they can be a great option for low calorie snack, Ketolyn but can not be consumed several times a day. Barrinhas are industrialized foods and have preservatives, which besides being not beneficial for your health do not help to lose weight. The tip is to substitute for natural grains like flaxseed and quinoa.


Although it may not seem, granola is caloric, yes! Usually it is prepared with a brown sugar syrup and in one portion there are approximately 192 calories. You do not need to completely eliminate it from your menu, just do not consume too much and of course, whenever possible substitute other, healthier grains such as oats, amaranth, quinoa and linseed. These other grains are high in fiber and have fewer calories.

Elaborate salads

Salads should be included in the menu of anyone who wants to stay healthy. One serving of salad offers vitamins, minerals, proteins, fiber and fractions of carbohydrates and lipids. All these nutrients are key to keeping our metabolism up to date. One should only be careful of the ingredients and the seasoning that is used, or the salad can be very high calorie. Escape the croutons and salads with lots of greasy sauce based on oil, olive oil, mayonnaise and cream.

Instant soups

They are practical and have low caloric value, but are extremely poor in nutrients, besides being a sodium pump, which can harm your health. The low calorie intake gives the false idea that processed soups are all about your diet and will be your allies when eliminating the pounds. The total fat of the product adds 2.5 grams in packs of 20 grams. Find out that by frequently replacing a meal with soups of this type may favor an increase in triglycerides.

Breakfast Cereals

Like cereal bars, for breakfast cereals, there is a huge variety on the market. Usually the less delicious are the healthiest. Those with honey, chocolate and strawberry flavor are by far the most palatable, but they are also much more caloric. The suggestion is that instead of eating them pure, Max Keto Burn you choose the most "bland" and insert in other recipes, such as in a fruit salad or a natural yogurt, for example.

The biggest problem with these foods that look healthy is industrialization. One should avoid foods that come within a package. The amount of chemicals used in these products can be very harmful to the body, and does not contribute or contribute very little to weight loss.

And then, tell us what foods you have already consumed thinking they were healthy, but they were not, in the comments!

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