Vaginal Massage: Learn about the practice that stimulates female pleasure

Do you know what vaginal massage is? Have you? Do not know how? Do not you even know what that is?

Do not worry, we'll explain everything right to you.

First of all it is important to stress that vaginal massage is not the same thing as masturbation. They are similar acts, but for different reasons.

Throughout a woman's life and even during her youth, some things can happen that prevent her from having vaginal pleasure or even knowing what gives pleasure to her.

Male Extra Women since childhood are 'indoctrinated' to having certain types of behavior. These doctrines are linked even to their behavior in bed being accompanied or alone.

In fact, female masturbation is still a big taboo all over the world. In adolescence this act is kind as normal when practiced by boys, but reprimanded when practiced by girls.

This can lead to future problems for girls. Not really knowing your body, what gives pleasure to them or not, can bring problems in adult life, including in relationships.

Whether it's your teenage years or this phase of discovery, vaginal massage is a very important thing for women.

To do this also no matter your marital status, whether single, married, coiled or with multiple partners (or partners), vaginal massage is over-indicated.

You may discover things about yourself that hitherto were unknown.

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What is and how to do vaginal massage?
Benefits of Vaginal Massage
1. Relaxation and pleasure
2. Release of traumas and discovery
3. Strengthening of the pelvic floor
4. Combat stress
5. Increased production of hormones
Final considerations

What is and how to do vaginal massage?

This is a technique that began today in the United Kingdom and the United States. But there are already indications of vaginal massage since before 1000 years D.C. in India and China. It is also known as Yoni Massage.

This massage seeks to bring benefits to women. Her focus is not to achieve orgasm but to find out what gives her the most pleasure, in addition to bringing other benefits to women in general.

There are already many professionals within this area of ??vaginal massage, who perform it as well as professionals in another area of ??massage, such as those made in other parts of the body.

This massage at the moment can still be considered expensive for many women. A session of it can easily cost 300 reais.

But you can do this too at home. There are many tutorials on the internet that teach you the step by step. But a good part of this technique is instinctive, and the woman must seek what else comforts her at that moment.

The technique consists of the following steps:

Massaging the clitoris;
Massaging other areas of the vagina. Regions that are not exploited during masturbation to achieve orgasm;
Massaging the anus. Many women do not know that this is a very sensitive region, including the 'path' between the vagina and the anus;
Exercises of contraction and relaxation of the vagina and anus to strengthen the pelvic floor;
Introduction of the finger into the vagina, in order to explore and identify new areas of pleasure.
As said, here the focus is not to reach orgasm but to discover new regions of pleasure, as well as relax.

Forget the taboos your life or society has imposed on you. This is a moment of discovery.

Do not think that you are doing something wrong or something forbidden, your body is YOURS and the one who dictates his rules is you and no one else.

However, if you feel uncomfortable anyway, you can ask your partner to perform the massage on you, provided you follow what you say.

The orgasm may come at the end, bringing even more relaxation, but always remember that this is not the focus of vaginal massage.

Below we'll talk a little bit more about the benefits Male Extra Male Enhancement technique brings to you and your life.

Benefits of Vaginal Massage

The benefits of this technique are broad and go far beyond just relaxation and pleasure.

Among the benefits that the vaginal massage brings, we can mention:

Relaxation and pleasure;
Freedom from traumas and discovery;
Strengthening of the pelvic floor;
Fight stress;
Increased production of hormones.
In the sequence we will talk more about each one of them.

1. Relaxation and pleasure

The sensation of relaxation occurs throughout the massage, as well as the sensation of pleasure.

Usually the feeling of relaxation arrives only after orgasm when this occurs during sex or masturbation.

With this technique, the sensation of relaxation occurs throughout the process.

2. Release of traumas and discovery

Many women experience trauma over the years. And here we are not just talking about traumas of sexual abuse.

As said at the outset, such traumas can be imposed even by society, blocking the woman's way of acting even in bed or being afraid to sexually relate to someone.

Vaginal massage serves for the woman to get rid of these traumas and also for her to discover what she really likes.

3. Strengthening of the pelvic floor

Strengthening the pelvic floor is very useful for women throughout life, but especially during pregnancy.

These exercises strengthen all the muscles of the region, making it easier to give birth.

Strengthening this region also brings other benefits for women, such as combating urinary incontinence.

4. Combat stress

Whatever the reason for your stress or even nervousness, massage helps to alleviate these tenacies and is one of the great reasons why women seek specialized professionals in this area.

Regardless of whether your stress comes from your job, from your journey through the household chores, studies, childcare or even all of this, this technique helps and fights your stress.

5. Increased production of hormones

Stimulation of the genital area and nearby places increases the production of pleasure hormones, the same ones that are produced when you reach orgasm or eat a candy bar.

But these hormones are not only responsible for the sensation of pleasure, they also benefit other things, such as:

Increased libido;
Increased vaginal lubrication;
It improves the symptoms of menopause;
It makes the woman more confident;
Increases disposition;
It awakens regions of pleasure hitherto asleep;
Increases the sensitivity of the erogenous zone;
It makes you happier.

Final considerations

How you can read vaginal massage brings countless benefits to you and to your life as a whole.

With all these benefits described above, will you say you do not feel like experimenting?

Then try it and free yourself.

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