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Tribulus Terrestris: The herbal remedy to gain muscle mass

All those who are attuned to the universe of physical activities and substances that act as supplements may have heard of Tribulus Terrestris. The product consists of the withdrawal of the extract of a plant of the same name, being a herbal product. Originally from India, the substance began to be used in Europe since the 1970s, when studies began to point out the effects and properties of the extract, such as toning effects, physical and mental stimulant, appetite enhancement, increased muscle mass and physical stamina, treatment for libido and improvement in sexual performance.

When used for sexual purposes, PureFit Keto Shark tank the herb acts by pushing dilatation of the vessels of the genital system, causing the body to pump more blood into the region, making the system more active. In addition, Tribulus has proven properties in increasing fertility, control and treatment of menopause and premenstrual tension. However, it is important to note that for this type of benefit, the extract raises testosterone levels in men and progesterone in women, which can cause hormone levels to be deregulated, causing side effects and adverse reactions in the body. Thus, while it increases the concentrations of hormones in the body - and can reach 40% elevation rates - the product stimulates the synthesis of muscle mass, acting as a powerful supplement for bodybuilders.

However, much is questioned about the use of the herb and its possible side effects, but because it is a natural product, it can be used, provided that it is accompanied by an experienced professional who can control the levels of intake, so as not to interfere in the individual's body and cause possible adverse and unexpected effects.

Benefits of Tribulus Terrestris

In addition to the aforementioned properties, this herb is a potent adjunct in the treatment of diseases that often affect the elderly, such as: muscle weakness, arthritis, arthritis and chronic fatigue, by acting in a stimulating way to the muscles, making them stronger and more resistant . However, adolescents in the puberty stage and major body changes should not make use of such a substance, since the phase already provides a high increase in the production of body hormones, which can cause disorders and increase problems of adolescence such as pimples.

In summary, we can list the benefits of using terrestrial tribulus extract to the body as follows:

Powerful aid in the treatment of problems related to sexual appetite, such as low libido, low fertility, lack of erection and desire for sexual practice;
It has elements that act in the body protecting the liver;
In women, it also aids in disorders and problems related to sex, stimulating the reproductive system and increasing libido;
It can act as a potent hormone regulator;
Increases sexual hormone levels of both sexes;
Stimulates the growth of the pituitary gland - responsible for regulating the functioning of several body glands and that acts on growth;
It stimulates the increase of the muscular mass, of the resistance and strength in the practitioners of physical activity;
For women, it is a potent enhancer of the symptoms caused by menopause and PMS.
This type of product is found for sale in supplemental homes in capsule format. The dose ranges from 750mg and 1500mg, depending on the physical characteristics and the intensity of physical activity practice. To maximize the results, the doses should be divided between meals, in two or three doses.

How to use Tribulus Terrestris

The way of using the substance varies between men and women, but the important thing is to understand that it should be used in cycles, since it is not produced by the body and in continuous doses may cease to take effect. To do this, men should adopt the continuous use of two months, followed by two months of pause, while women should use the fifth to the fourteenth day of the menstrual cycle, intercalating between one month and another not.

In addition, the product has beneficial properties to the body and when properly used can regulate glucose and cholesterol levels, prevent and treat diseases of the urinary tract, reduce the incidence of kidney stones because it is an excellent diuretic, prevention of cardiovascular diseases and reduce pressure arterial and stimulate the proper functioning of the liver. However, follow-up with a nutritionist should be done so that the dosage is controlled, causing undesirable effects such as increased hair growth, voice changes, abdominal pain, increased aggressiveness, skin oiliness, pimples and blackheads, breast enlargement and other effects caused by hormonal disorders.

In addition, do not use the product associated with any other diuretic as this can dehydrate the body. Look for reliable brands offering levels of purity and extract concentration that are capable of delivering the expected effects of the use of the substance, and do not administer any type of herb or substance that has bodily change properties on its own.

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