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This Riverdale Killer Theory Is Kind of a Joke, but It Actually Makes Sense

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Prior to I in reality unpack this complete Riverdale idea, permit me to guarantee you that I do know it is a succeed in. With the display's explosive season two premiere we watch as Mr. Andrews fights for his existence and Archie simply fights not to utterly get to the bottom of. Through the tip of the episode, Pass over Grundy is lifeless and it sort of feels we can have a serial killer at the unfastened. Now, we are spinning with theories in regards to the particular person in the back of the masks. The general public suppose the shooter in query seems to be so much like Betty's dad. However I feel the killer might be any person else completely. I feel the killer might be in response to Surprise's The Punisher.

"What?" You could say. Or, extra abrasively, "Oh, f*ck off." However this is the article. The Punisher in reality does seem in a subject matter of the Archie Comics. It used to be a complete one-off factor, a partnership between Surprise and the Archie Comics. In the problem, The Punisher chases a drug broker named "Red" all of the solution to Riverdale. The item is, "Red" seems to be so much like Archie, which ends up in a lot of risk and confusion that finally results in a contented ever after. Now, I am not insinuating it is a crossover between Netflix's new collection, The Punisher, and that the person in the back of the masks is Jon Bernthal. I am announcing the truth that an antihero just like the Punisher seems within the Archie Comics universe may have been a leaping off level for the season.

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Take into accounts it. The Punisher is an antihero and vigilante who has introduced his personal conflict on crime. He hotels to excessive and not-quite-legal measures when taking over his sufferers. He will kidnap dangerous guys, he is extort them or torture them, and sure, he's going to even homicide them. It is transparent the Punisher is attempting to proper one of the most global's wrongs . . . aside from possibly he does not have one of the simplest ways of doing it.

Up to now on Riverdale, the masked killer has attacked two folks. He shoots Fred Andrews, who will not be a nasty man, however there may be some grey space surrounding his attainable adultery with Hermione Hotel. Then, he murders Pass over Grundy, a lady who preys on underage highschool scholars and engages in unlawful and lewd sexual acts with them. The killer will not be proper for attacking this folks, however you may argue that he is "punishing" them for the sins they have got dedicated.

So, here is a concept: possibly this guy is Riverdale's unwell, twisted take at the antihero referred to as the Punisher. Perhaps on this particular Archie universe, the Punisher is a f*cked up prison who mercilessly murders folks. And now not simply mob bosses and drug lords and robbers and thieves. This model of the Punisher goals commonplace adulterers, pedophiles, hyper-sexual youngsters, child drug sellers, and extra. So, possibly we have by no means met the person in the back of the masks. Perhaps he is a completely new personality that is in regards to the blow the city of Riverdale extensive open.