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This Is the Only Crunch Exercise I Do These Days – Because It Burns

In relation to running my core, I actually just like the plank and all its diversifications. And I'm fan of running my abs whilst status; it makes me really feel difficult. However from time to time I wish to lay down after I paintings my abs, and after I do, I would like my abs to burn. And this frog crunch is my go-to ab workout when I simply cannot get off the ground.

Frog Crunch

  • Get started in your again along with your palms in the back of your head and your elbows large. Retaining your heels in combination and ft identified, convey your knees to the touch your elbows as you carry out a crunch, bringing your higher again and head off the ground.
  • Retaining your abs engaged and heels in combination, extend your legs away out of your heart as you decrease your head to the ground. Your low again will have to now not pull clear of the ground. If it does, intention your legs upper as you straighten them.
  • Draw your legs again into the frog place to finish and curl your pelvis quite off the bottom somewhat, like a tiny opposite crunch. Grasp this place for a depend and concentrate on pulling the your navel on your backbone. This completes one rep.

I recommend beginning with 15 reps in step with set and doing a minimum of two to a few units.