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Posterior Energy Program

The butt isn’t only a cushion to make the hours we take a seat on it extra tolerable. It’s additionally now not simply an adjunct to offer our favourite denims a spice up within the again. A lot more than that, the glutes are the ability heart for the decrease frame that gasoline velocity, energy and explosiveness. Check out any athlete’s property, and you are going to see the tight, spherical and ready-to-run-fast rear view.

Athletic glutes, like the ones of IFBB Bikini Professional Justine Munro, aren’t in-built an afternoon and now not with squats by myself. (Despite the fact that, squats are a key motion needless to say!) As a substitute, the pass coaching efforts of an athlete come with energy actions, plyometrics and stabilization, in addition to conventional resistance workout routines.

As a result of we all know you’re already doing a standard decrease frame exercise that incorporates your squats and presses, Justine is sharing her Posterior Energy Program so as to add some other size in your coaching. Those workout routines will assist you to to turn on your glute muscular tissues successfully, build up steadiness, problem your frame in new (and amusing) tactics, burn heaps of energy, stir up your fast-twitch muscle fibers and exhaust the glutes from the minimus to the maximus, whilst additionally hitting synergistic muscular tissues just like the hamstrings.


Freshmen. If you're new to coaching, start appearing Section 1, the Glute Activation Band Circuit, two to a few days every week to construct energy and steadiness earlier than progressing to the dynamic actions featured in Section 2.

Complicated – Entire Program. Carry out Section 1 as a pre-exhaust circuit, after which entire the supersets in Section 2 straight away following it. Whilst this program can for sure be your number one decrease frame exercise for the week, it may also be a secondary decrease frame exercise interested by bettering your glute building and general athleticism.

Complicated – Cut up It Up. You'll be able to additionally carry out Section 1 and Section 2 as separate workout routines. As an example, Section 1 can also be carried out as a finisher or pre-exhaust set for some other decrease frame day, and Section 2 can also be carried out with out Section 1, in case you are in a time crunch or have an alternate warm-up ritual.



Posterior Power Program - Get strong, shapely glutes


With the band secured round your calves, stand together with your legs about shoulder width (or the width the place you get started feeling rigidity within the band). Then, decrease right into a squat place, and take a step out to the proper. Step the left foot in, retaining rigidity within the band. Entire all reps main with the proper foot, then transfer aspects.

Justine’s Tip: Don’t unencumber the stress within the band— you need to really feel the outer thigh and glute engaged right through all the workout.

Posterior Power Program - Get strong, shapely glutes


Place the band slightly under your knees and lie in your aspect. Deliver your knees towards in your torso fairly. Retaining your ft in combination, elevate your best knee as prime as you'll be able to. Decrease and repeat.

Justine’s Tip: Dangle the highest place for 2-Three seconds each and every rep to extend the burn.

Posterior Power Program - Get strong, shapely glutes


With the band situated round your calves, lie in your again together with your knees bent. Toes must be flat at the floor at a width the place you're feeling rigidity within the band (about shoulder width). Urgent thru your heels, elevate your hips towards the ceiling. Keeping the location, press your knees open a couple of extra inches to additional problem your abductors and glutes. Liberate the knees fairly after which press the knees again out for 20 general reps.

Justine’s Tip: Be sure you squeeze the glutes onerous on the best whilst shifting knees out and in.

Posterior Power Program - Get strong, shapely glutes


With the band situated across the calf and a slight bend within the knee, bounce your legs in and out like a leaping jack. Be sure you stay your core tight and frame upright.

Justine’s Tip: It is a fast motion, however don’t sacrifice shape and protection for velocity.

Posterior Power Program - Get strong, shapely glutes


Place ft in a large stance with ft pointed fairly outward. Squat down and grab bar narrower than shoulder width. Elevate bar by way of using hips ahead and straightening legs. Stay weight in heels, again immediately, core tight and the bar just about the frame right through the motion.

Tip: Your hips and shoulders must transfer concurrently in a fluid movement.

Posterior Power Program - Get strong, shapely glutes


Protected the band underneath your knees and descend right into a squat place. Staying low, bounce out into a large squat after which bounce your ft again in, retaining rigidity within the band.

Tip: Stay your core tight and knees urgent out. Don’t permit your knees to collapse.

Posterior Power Program - Get strong, shapely glutes


Keeping dumbbells, get started together with your ft in combination. Step your left foot at a diagonal in entrance of you (about 11 o’clock) and decrease right into a lunge. Then, urgent throughout the left heel, ascend out of the lunge and step the proper foot thru at a diagonal (about one o’clock) and decrease right into a lunge. Proceed alternating lunges.

Tip: Center of attention on pushing throughout the heel to turn on the outer hip, thigh and glute.

Posterior Power Program - Get strong, shapely glutes


On the finish of your lunges, set the dumbbells down and dash as instant as you'll be able to again in your beginning place. Stroll again to the dumbbells to catch your breath, and start the following diagonal lunge set.

Posterior Power Program - Get strong, shapely glutes


Keeping a dumbbell in each and every hand, position your left foot on best of a bench/field. Urgent thru that foot, release up within the air. Then, land at the left foot (nonetheless positioned at the bench) and decrease your proper leg again to the bottom. Repeat all reps at the left earlier than switching to the opposite aspect.

Tip: If you're not able to handle your steadiness whilst maintaining the dumbbells, carry out this workout the usage of body weight most effective.

Posterior Power Program - Get strong, shapely glutes


Protected a bungee round your waist and to a cast construction. Squat low and swing your fingers ahead to lend a hand thrust your self ahead so far as you'll be able to. Land in a squat with the load centered on your heels.

Selection: When you don’t have get entry to to a bungee for this workout, hang a medication ball between two arms and make allowance it to swing together with your fingers or carry out it body weight most effective.

Posterior Power Program - Get strong, shapely glutes


With the ft pointing towards the ground, set the leg pad to leisure between your ankles and decrease calves. Curl the load towards your glutes, preventing simply in need of your frame. Entire 12 reps on this place, after which 12 reps together with your ft dealing with out and 12 reps together with your ft dealing with in.

Tip: If you're feeling force within the knee joint, decrease the load or get rid of a number of of the foot positions.

Posterior Power Program - Get strong, shapely glutes


Pushing off the left leg, bounce in your proper and land in your proper leg. Your left leg must pass in the back of you. Repeat movement to the opposite aspect.

Tip: Get started sluggish. When you get used to the movement, transfer as instant and as explosively as imaginable.


Justine is to be had for on-line contest prep coaching. You'll be able to attach together with her thru Fb (Justine Munro Health Style), Twitter (@JustineMunro) and Instagram (JustineMunro).