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Beauty from the inside out: Hair health food

There is no doubt that tops products leave hair worthy of magazine cover. But to ensure a red carpet look, you also have to invest in the health of the yarn, taking advantage of the right foods.

So while taking care of the hydration of your locks with your favorite hair stylist, just take a peek at the 10 best friends forever hair food:

Watercress - has MSM, which is the bioavailable form of sulfur, an essential mineral for the production and maintenance of keratin. In addition, PureFit Keto Diet Reviews has anti-inflammatory action, helping to prevent dandruff. Ideally one cup of tea per day of watercress.
Oats - rich in silicon, a substance that participates in the structuring of keratin, a protein that forms hair. Oats also offer B vitamins and zinc, which promote growth and control over hormonal changes, respectively.
The result is a hair with less fall and no white wires ahead of time. The recommended amount of oats is one tablespoon daily.

USA nut - this oleaginous fruit is a source of zinc, whose lack leaves the hair dull, thin and brittle. Bet on it to improve hair development and prevent scaling on the scalp. Just two a day!
Carrot - a source of beta-carotene, a powerful antioxidant and a precursor of vitamin A. It helps fight the action of free radicals. Hence, it prevents the fall and loss of pigments that would leave gray hair early.
Vitamin A, in turn, is important for the nutrition and health of scalp cells. An average carrot a day is enough to take care of your star look.

Spinach - contains iron, which is active in the production of red blood cells and preservation of hair follicles. The lack of iron causes loss of luster, dryness, weakness and even falling of the wires.
The "partnership" with the chlorophyll present in spinach provides balance of the scalp oiliness, strengthens the root and normalizes hair growth. Eat a vegetable dessert dish daily.

Lean Yogurt - brings amino acids, to fortify the hair fiber, and B vitamins, which optimize the deposit of keratin, leaving the yarn more full-bodied and resistant. Sip a glass (200 ml) of yogurt a day and keep the charm of your diva hair.

Orange - The white part that wraps around its buds, pectin, is rich in fiber that helps with the cleansing of toxins from the body. In excess, they contribute to increased oiliness and the appearance of dandruff. Include an orange in your diet every day.

Strawberry - contains flavonoids and vitamin C, which activate the blood microcirculation in the scalp. Thus, hair grows faster and less prone to fall, breakage and dryness. Enjoy one cup of tea a day.
Salmon - famous for offering high quality protein, it still has significant amount of omega 3 fatty acid and selenium.

Together, they improve the arrival of nutrients to the bulb; fight inflammation and protect the scalp against ultraviolet radiation. Include an average salmon fillet at least three times a week on your menu.

Soy - another great source of protein, which makes up 97% of hair. That is, without sufficient amount of this nutrient, bye-bye hair: PureFit Keto Diet is not possible to produce new yarns to replace the ones that are gone. No way, right?

So capriche on soy, consuming three tablespoons of it daily.

And there's more! Drink plenty of water and flee from the enemies of hair health and, let's combine, whole body: sugar, refined carbohydrates (dough and white bread) and alcoholic beverages. Then, just wait for the compliments! Fiu-fiu!

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