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Artificial Insemination: How Does It Work? What are the precautions and risks?

The dream of paternity can lead the couple to a final act of love: the search for pregnancy by artificial insemination, when one of the two can not get fertilized by natural methods - or both - or even in case of homoaffective couples.

There is no novelty here, since artificial insemination has been practiced in the world for more than a century - the first that has been reported in the United States in 1884 and in Brazil the method has been practiced since 1970, so there is almost half century.

Simple procedure, but, may fail

Supreme boostr scam This does not mean, however, that it is an alternative to safe motherhood or that it is absolutely safe. Neither this nor that. Although it is a reasonably simple procedure, there are risks, so much so that there is a need for medical monitoring and laboratory tests in both parents.

And yet it is not absolutely safe. The chance of success - that is, the woman getting pregnant - in the first procedure is between 15% and 16% of cases, this in the first attempt. There is almost always a need for a second, third, and even further attempts at fertilization to be obtained.

First attempt may fail

This warning from doctors is important because, in most cases, the couple already arrives at the office in a state of hopelessness for not having achieved pregnancy by natural methods. Failure to obtain pregnancy also by insemination, on the first attempt, can lead to frustration and increase despair, which affects the morale of both, inadvisable in the face of the situation.

That is why doctors are trying to make it clear: pregnancy by insemination is advisable for couples who have not been able to reach motherhood by natural methods, but it is not absolutely safe on the first try. There is almost always a need to give the body new chances.

Couple needs a lot of peace

So there is a whole battery of exams, both in the father, supplier of semen, but especially with the mother. And do not think that the cause of infertility is only the woman's. The World Health Organization (WHO) itself points out that the main cause, on average, is divided into three parts - almost one third for the woman, the other for the man, about 30% for both and approximately 10% can not determine the cause accurately.

Whatever the situation, however, the anxiety and the will to have the baby take care of the couple and this can disrupt the medical work. supreme booster side effects Therefore, one of the concerns is precisely to give tranquility to both, because almost always there is a solution by the way of medicine.

Normal to become pregnant afterwards

Of course there is always that solution of adoption, in which the child will receive the same affection and love. And there are a few cases in which, after adoption, a woman becomes pregnant because she has overcome that previous anxiety. The medications you took at the start of treatment before artificial insemination, too, may have helped in the subsequent natural pregnancy.

In fact, in the initial phase of the insemination treatment, the woman undergoes many tests and takes medications that, for the most part, have hormones that stimulate ovulation to release the eggs, which are the cells that will be fertilized by the spermatozoon.

After the procedure, the wait

The correct timing is evaluated by the physician, after observing the behavior of the eggs. Then he applies the last hCG (injection) waiting for the maturation of the ovum, in order to, on the correct day, introduce the spermatozoa. The semen is collected from the husband - or donor - by masturbation right there in the office.

It is a procedure that does not last more than half an hour. The doctor inserts the selected sperm via the catheter into the uterus, next to the ovules, and the woman should rest for about 20 minutes. Then, just go home waiting for the pregnancy test, which is usually done about 15 days later.

Anxiety about the baby can disrupt

In addition to couples experiencing difficulty in becoming pregnant through natural processes, artificial insemination is also performed in homosexual couples or in a woman who opts for an independent pregnancy. In these two cases, there is a need for a donor or a referral to a semen bank, where the donor is unknown.

As already said, the causes of infertility in couples are varied and can be in both. So when the couple wants to have a baby very much and he does not come even if the couple has unprotected sex two to three times a week, there is a need for medical attention. Anxiety is contraindicated in these cases.

The cost varies greatly at each clinic

With artificial insemination, the chances of the couple winning twins are great - up to 20% of the time, more than one egg is fertilized. Another issue raised by couples is about female sterility. Medicine has come a long way in this direction and, in most cases, the infertile woman too can get pregnant after a treatment.

does supreme booster work Cost is always another aspect of difficulty for couples, especially for those with lower purchasing power. It depends a lot, of course, from each medical clinic, but there are some where the treatment, for the first attempt, starts at around R $ 1,500.00, and can reach from R $ 4,000 to R $ 5,000.00.

Try to decide before age 35

From the second attempt, the laboratorial and medical costs tend to be higher, varying at each clinic. So good research is always important before you make the choice. In larger cities, there are always many options for clinics specialized in human reproduction.

In the case of women who are already close to 40 years old - above the age of 35 - there may be a little more difficulty getting pregnant on the first try. So if there is a possibility, you should make the choice before reaching that age.

Get ready and live life

Another important thing is the health of the couple. Good nutrition and avoiding physical inactivity are two very important recipes for those who want to have children. Healthy body, with normal practice of exercise and walking, is an important stimulus for good sexual functioning and reproduction.

So, waiting for this good news, let go of those poor health practices, including bad smoking. Your baby will thank you very much. After all, if you need to resort to medicine and artificial insemination to get pregnant, it does not hurt to give a little extra for your child to come in full health. Life should always come first.


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